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Do you wish to tell us a bit more about yourself? Who do you care for?
Reduce frequency of visits. Say “I can only visit once a week” and leave it at that. Refuse to answer your phone if she calls on days other than the designated day. Be honest and polite with her. Use these responses “I have to go shopping” “I am simply unavailable to answer my phone now” and “I am a...
Hello and welcome back! Find ways to get away from her. Say “I need to go shopping/meet a friend/to work/socialise now” and put your coat and shoes on to show her you mean it. Can you afford paid for carers or not? All councils are legally required to do a needs assessment with you. Also they should...
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What about for carers of those with mobility issues?
Hello and welcome! The two most important benefits to claim are PIP and ESA. Citizen's Advice can advise you on benefits and help you fill out the forms. Good luck! You may also find that she is exempt from council tax. Call their helpline number tomorrow morning on 03444111444 and ask for a benefit...
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This is a useful directory of OTs in Britain. https://rcotss-ip.org.uk/find
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This is not rare unfortunately. I have no experience of that myself but I have heard countless stories from former unpaid carers. It makes me nervous. What about trying to contact your local MP again for help?
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Perhaps take pictures for evidence. I know your pain but you must stay calm here as the person may well have a “hidden” impairment.
Hello and welcome! Get him talking. See if you can find a online MH support group or forum. Additionally perhaps you could try to see if there are any local counselors or therapists? This is a list of mental health charity helpline numbers to call for advice. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anx...