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We have been advised to apply for Court of Protection for my partners daughter who lacks mental capacity. she has been living with us for 10 months and is 26 years old - mum unable to cope. Has anybody been through this process that can give us any pointers.

Thank you
Hi Didnt realise re PIP you automatically get - we have my partners daughter living with us due to mum having breakdown and mum is saying applied months ago but nothing and they want more info re her PIP but still nothing. Daughter def receives the mobility allowance - I will have to contact them my...
Thanks seems to be taking forever had to send PIP details and still not through - will be patient for now wasnt sure how it worked.

Can anybody tell me how long it usually takes to get a Blue Badge when you apply?

She should have a 5 day programme of activities, it's too easy for social workers to push Direct Payments without explaining properly. I've given up managing DP's for my own son, due to endless problems. Was she offered an independent fund manager to deal with them, is there an allowance within the...
Hi All, Thanks for you help with this was not really sure where to start but will get onto it now. Have to admit re respite and day care our Social Worker has been brilliant it has taken time but we have got there. Thank you for the hint re providing for the future this is something we have been thi...
Morning All, Recently myself and partner have taken over the care of his disabled daughter due to mums ill health etc. we are managing to get respite and daycare etc in place slowly but have now been informed by Social Services that Dad needs to take over control of her finances ie PIP/bank accounts...