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Thank you all for your kind thoughts & words.

It means a lot to me.

Hi All I just came back to update the thread. Unfortunately not with the greatest of news. Sadly my Dad passed away on 26th March 2020. We just had the funeral this passed Thursday. Dad had a fall and was taken into hospital. He had pneumonia again (don't think it completed shifted from the last tim...

Thanks for your very kind advice.

I know it makes sense. Getting around to doing it is another matter.

"Wishing you well, a dreadful situation. If you have any questions, fire away.
Anne "

Thanks for your detailed reply Anne.

Your experiances really help.

Morning all. Thanks for the advice re the POE. Although I would not look forwards to broaching that subject with Mum. As suggested I will Google it too. Sitting service and some respite I think would be an help for Mum but she is still resistant to the idea. Only mentions respite when she is frantic...
Hi There. Thanks for the reply. I must say I felt quite uneasy at reading that part of your reply " now is the time to start looking at residential care I'm afraid " It is inevitable and I totally agree. I think just reading it for the first time puts a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach. It...
Hi all. Feeling guilty I have not been back to update you, especially after all the generous help and advice you gave me at the time. Don't get me wrong I have intended to come back on so many occasions but I never quite made it for one (lame) reason or another. @Pet66 you wright so well. Your threa...
Pet66 wrote:
Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:24 am
Sorry to use myself as example.
No apologies needed. Far from it !
You have clearly gone through these emotions so best placed to give advice/thoughts.
I don't know your back story but hope your well. I appreciate your wisdom on these matters.

@Pet66 @Sally_17031 @MrsAverage Thanks for your continued support. I'm sure Mum has enjoyed her short time alone. Although I think it's early days for her too. She has feelings of guilt and worries that Dad will be ok. Guilt for sending him and she feels awful that she as to bother my Sister and I w...
Gary Dementia is exceptionally cruel in that it is tougher on the carers than on the afflicted. They are often unaware or unfeeling. Hiya. Thanks for the confidence boost. These little snippets of wisdom you folk are giving me are priceless. I would not have thought of the illness this way yet it i...