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Thanks to all you have responded to my question. The one about the path has given me an idea: there is a path but it has a couple of steps so probably something can be down about it.
Does anyone know where I can get a portable lightweight pathway that is suitable for a wheelchair? It will need to be about 6 feet in length and easily laid across the communal lawn to the road and then removed when not in use?
I manage to go out most days either on my own or with friends. I look forward to "me time" but at the same time feel guilty for doing so. Thanks for telling me about the council tax but I was already aware of it. Wendy
Hello Brian, I have recently joined Carers UK and I too found the website to be confusing, but I'm hoping that it will get easier as I get use to it. Wendy
Hi Melly1 I've never heard of a Dynavox before - I had to look it up on Google to find out what it is. My husband uses an app on his iPad as the Parkinson's has robbed him of his speech. I love the picture you use on the forum, we are both very fond of cats and had one for a short while but Richard ...
Thank you for your reply. My husband is 66. Wendy
Thank you for helping the homeless. Both my husband and myself have a soft spot for them. Back in May 1990 my husband set a day centre for them and it is going from strength to strength, although my husband is unable to help anymore as he now has Parkinson's. from Wendy
Hello Cheryl, I also feel resentment sometimes I would think it's just normal. Like you I get very little help from my family - I get more help from our friends at church. From Wendy
Hi, I just want to introduce myself as I am new to the forum and Carers UK. My name is Wendy and I care for my husband Richard who has Parkinson's which he has had for about 10 years now.