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so that means he qualifies without mobility if he gets 21enhanced for daily living?
scores are 4 for preparing food
1 for managing treatments
2 for washing
2 for toileting
2 for dressing
2 for reading
4 for socialising
4 for budgeting


21 points for daily living on PIP is that still enough to claim it??
tax credits yes cant remember when I came off tax credits though. Think when my partner moved in around 2007. Always filled forms in and was told when too much income so came off them.
Thank you, cant sleep so worried!
Chris have y ou had problems with DWP recently??
When I did contact carers UK this week they said they average out over weekly cycle so when on odd occasion I have done over my wage I can earn for carers the weeks I have earnt less by doing 10, 12 or 6 hours it balances it out hopefully??
Always tried to keep within limit upped company pension to do so. Im thinking my company sick pay may be problem so will have to pay back. The store I work in one a xmas incentive which was a weeks extra wages which went in to my bank on Feb. This was a competition win but then again im assuming the...
Hi my name is Sharon I am 49 and my son is 17 and has ASD. I also care for my mom who lives with us who is 90. I am stressing at the moment as I have to send 8 years worth of payslips off to DWP regarding my carers allowance it has been a nightmare finding them or printing them off my companys site ...
Hi I have been on carers allowance since 2010. I do 16 hours a week but since around Oct last year I was cut to 15 hours. The DWP have been in touch and want all my wage slips since 2010. And 4 of my P60. I have mostly wage slips with 16 hours on them but on the odd occasion I have had to do and hou...