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Can I sue the council if they have failed to do annual reviews of support plans its part of the care act.
Does anyone know how much max councils can charge clients with assessed needs? They take a percentage which is called a client contribution amount which completes the full care package if they are eligable.
Do they actually do an indepth investigation into councils by speaking to people and visiting councils to hold people accountable or do they just go off of paperwork supplied by the claiment? Why do they keep asking for more information? Shouldn't there job be to find out more and put things right?
I am currently a Personal Assistant for my parent who resides at a different address and I receive wages via a direct payment scheme. I need to take leave and the best person to cover me during this time is my sibling who resides at the same address as my parent. However I have been advised that as...
They told me after my carers assessment to go back to work and care from a distance. They also said the only service they have available is someone coming in for a 1 off 6 days per month and thats it. All temp support nothing long term. Also, my carers assesment conflicted with my brothers appeal fo...
Agreed. They binned my complaint, closed my case without informing me. They lie when they say they will contact you they dont.
I very much doubt it. You would need to be on hand at all times and within earshot. My friend has been fostering for about 10 years and loves it but it is hard work. She has had siblings who share rooms. Yeah your right they have to be on the same floor. Sharing rooms i think is not allowed now it ...

Looking to become a foster carer in future, I understand a separate bedroom is required over the ages of 3. Does the bedroom have to be part of the same building as I have an outbuilding in garden newly furnished bedroom/bathroom currently would that be eligible?

Does anyone know how long you need to be a resident of a district to apply to that local authority? For example moving home from one authority to another for housing needs. I assume you would be to be reassessed at your new home and district for services?
they refuse to give you a timeline they just say we will contact you in due course which is usually either 2 months or 6 months time.