700 investigations!

How on earth can they do an assessment without consulting yous its impossible? They must have taken your previous assessment and just called it new.

Yeah, ive heard it takes approx 2 years if not 2 and a half years to resolve everything. I'm in year 1!
Just one in five councils have appeals processes for adult social care decisions, research finds Independent Age, the charity that undertook the research, is calling on the government to introduce a statutory appeals process. by Charlotte Carter on October 14, 2019 in Adults Just one in five council...
The temporary cordia service was not for us as most of the tasks that users require is household tasks which is chargeable a £18 per hour! So, they have refered us for a personal budget on a waiting list since last November! You really have to be prepared with dates and results of tests and you need...
Has anyone dealt with their local authorities FOI and Investigations team. It's the team that deals with complaints in the 2nd stage of 3 in total when social workers refuse to give you a service. My question is are they part of the council or a seperate independent company? Also, any success with t...
Hi, Recently, had an assessment with an OT for temporary assistance for my mother thought I would like to share the experience what was asked what I found difficult hope it helps a carer or cared for out. Cognitive problems, memory issues tests done, health conditions, medications they take and WHEN...

Anyone been through one with a social worker? How long does it last and what do they ask you? Is it like a PIP assessment/examination?

Ok one of her sons is very agressive with her and doesn't do what he is told and this causes distress and panic for the mother on a daily basis.

Another son lives far away and can't get to see her grandkids often as grandmother would like to.

Does anyone receive money in their personal budget to help them be a better parents to young/adult children, help in their caring role and improve skills? It mentions it in the support needs assessment form? I'm confused what type of things would this entail?

These articles are good to show people who work in the NHS and others who do not believe such a thing exists and can be applied for. They believe in anyone but you for some reason as they see you as ill and incompetent.

Could anyone share how long it took for an allocated worker to be sent for an assesment to take place? After initial request?