I've had 4 before in the last 10 years 3 of them didn't have a clue about what they could do to help us and declined a big list of adaptations we needed. They declined a wet room 3 times before a senior manager got a letter from the MP and approved it. We did have 1 really good social worker who kne...
im an employee
They are partially blind.

Apparently someone in the bank helps her with bank statements going through everything with her ins and outs.

If your accessing bank details for someone unable to with their permission is it okay to access their details and print off bank statements for them as I am employed by her.
It's a direct setup. I'm supposed to deal with paying her NI and I need to pay Tax and NI? Before it was all handled by an agency, however she wasn't happy at that agency so I changed it for her to one she wanted now still not happy with this setup. Either we change the package from standard to adva...

Are occupational therapy assessments different from support need assessments? In rules and law?

Anyone had either of these assessments?
Has anyone been in this situation?

The agency says they have sent letters and tried calling with no reply?

I've not been paid this year!
Do people who have a budget from LA have to pay tax and national insurance on the budget they receive per year?
I've got a pip successful application and there's a few online which I will use as a guide.
Good info but I need a template of a successful application to work off of. There asking the following:- Background information (history, current circumstances, hobbies and interests) Meeting Personal Care Needs Social Relationships and Community Activities Employability and Volunteering Personal De...