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This sounds a desperate situation but look on the bright side,you have an income,no children to complicate a separation,no mortgage together and your young with a world of opportunity ahead of you. Your primary concern seems to be his care needs so seek advice from local or national care organizatio...
Bbun they said because of a letter received from her G.P and another from her mental health professional.
Letters were similar to the ones at the mandatory reconsideration but had more detail.
Well mandatory reconsideration my wife scored 0 points for a second time. No problems we will go on. Two weeks after appealing to the court tribunal DWP ring and offer double enhanced rate for 5 years. She is so happy,I'm so relieved it was really affecting her mental health. She has her heart op en...
Have contacted my M.P who happens to be one of the architect's of the system, certain ex chancellor who is leaving parliament. I've contacted him on other matters and to be fair he has been o.k.
M.Ps are still undertaking constituency business evidently.
Sunny,,since May my wife has been trying to get ESA back pay,we are not high priority as we have funds...65 calls many lasting over an hour 40 ring backs promised. 2 received. We have escalated but that is slow as well. I still nudge my wife every morning just to see she is still with me.She gets we...
So wife moving from DLA to Pip, terminal heart condition,30/60% chance of surviving 2 years,two comas ,two heart attacks twice I've been told she won't survive the night but she is well enough to work and not get pip. WTF!! Mental problems for her,partly historical,partly health problems partly the ...
Thanks Chris,as always.
I had tried to wade through that very long thread, gave up lack of patience?
So it seems carers allowance is taken off universal credit so is there any point being a carer?
New e.s.a is taken off? So what's the point in that?
So time has come, universal credit application. Ughh.
Do I continue to claim carers allowance? What about e.s.a new style. Totally confused.
Well Chris was it worth £180? Nope...no great answers looks like I'm screwed 😣 She did say that if I set up a.proper registered business and bought multiple houses it might be classed as a business and be disregarded as capital but that's a big if. Would it be worth contacting the DWP to pick there ...
House sold cash buyer wants to complete in 4 weeks. Seeing welfare solicitor week tomorrow in Londinium.
Now to make a list of questions for his £180 30 minute fee...