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Hi all, its been a while since i posted "broken" at the start of lock down. My wife sadly passed on 1st June, she went peacefully in her sleep after seeing all the people that mattered. Between us we have 6 kids and the youngest 2 of 19 and 22 have taken it really hard. The older girls have been ama...
I have decided to go for the reassessment once i have a start date. We will need a care reassessment anyway.
In the meantime , we can rack up a nice big bill.
Thanks Chris but i just think we are screwed. The Assessor advised we get rid of the motability car and opt for the money instead. Bearing in mind that the car is the only one we can fit my wifes electric wheelchair in due to its size and weight. I am also not sure how the info you provided can help...
My wife and I have just had a financial assessment and to say i am at a loss for words is an understatement. Wife gets DLA high mobility medium care and ESA Contribution based. I receive CA and Income Support top up. In receipt of full HB and CTax benefit. We have only just got external help (after ...
So thats a no then. No Grace period to help with the change in circumstances.
Have just found info on discretionary housing benefit payment that we may be eligible for!
Woohoo lol
So i have a trial shift tomorrow!

If all goes well i could start monday.
So join company pension scheme is a must!

Is there a cross over period for hb and carers if i dont get paid for a month?
Or do i have to get into arrears and debt?
I did an online calculation based on £200 earnings before deductions. We are not on universal credit thankfully. It looks like we lose alot of hb and ctax. And could be approx £20 a week better off. Will it be worth applying for wtax credit for 2 months? I have tried to find out about "Marshalling "...
looks like i will be returning to work very soon but i will still have caring responsibility for my wife. I will be working 4.15am to 8.15am, 20 hours a week and will therefore not be entitled to carers allowance.  It will take a little bit of time to sort out financial issues as we are presently re...
They let us in!
Oxygen was no problem and the security staff said the bag wasnt an issue either. They just checked it all and tagged it.

Great concert xx
Wembley have introduced a bag size policy that also includes anything you may need medically too. The size is A4. Anything bigger than this you need to apply, apparently in advance, for a medical exemption certificate via their website. Hard to find info! Nothing stated when using their disabled tic...