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Thank u 2 everybody who replied it brings ma a little comfort my moms funeral will b on the 25th ov July me n my family r gonna give her the best possible send off I will keep posting xx
Hi all I sadly lost my mom on the 5th ov July I cared for her 4 over 20 plus years I'm thinking now cud I av done more 4 her I miss her so much xx
Thank u both for your replies x
Chris from the gulag I don't know what would happen if my mom went in a care home I mean with the maisonette cos I'm not on the tenancy I tried to get it jointed but was refused x
Hi bowlingbun I do live with my mom n we live in maisonette that we rent n not 100% sure bout savings x
Hello all I've been a carer for my mom for many years but as she has got older she's 84 now and her health has got worse it has become extremely difficult to care for her she's currently in hospital with various problems n she only come out a week ago I think she started having carers in twice a day...
Hi dishrag it sounds like u av done a brilliant job supporting the people u love but u matter as well n u av got 2 keep well 2 carry on wot u r doing I agree with bowling bun that u need those assessments they may help u I’m a Carer 4 my mom n I know it’s a very hard job I wish u all the best xx
Hi sally I’m very sorry 2 hear your father has passed away sending love 2 u xx
Hi everyone I managed 2 go 2 the cinema the other day 2 c stan and Ollie it was very gud I enjoyed it just wondering wot was the last film that everyone saw x
Hi Chris from the gulag many thanx 4 the information I think it’s worth looking into x