I am 65 and carer for my Husband who is 64 and won't be on state pension till December 2020. My Husband has PIP and is on UC. I got a GP letter and applied for the two bedroom allowance for rent. We have been awarded the allowance and it was backdated to last November when he come out of Hospital so...
Hi David, I am not a young carer more of an old one really. It is very strange when our lives take a completely unexpected turn and we have a lifestyle we didn't expect. I really hope that you have had a carers assessment from social services. I am not much good at giving practical information but I...
I have never ever heard of anyone not being able to call an ambulance.
It is outrageous.
Just state your reasons why you don't wish her to babysit and make it clear that you are not for turning.
Your child's safety is paramount so don't feel guilty.
Difficult but not as difficult as it could be if something happened.
Hopefully they may start addressing the issue.
Well you have certainly. Sharpened up my awareness.
Strangely enough my Mum used those words to me when my husband became ill. She is 86 . She told me I could sink or swim. So naturally I chose to swim with the odd life belt thrown when I think I can't swim anymore.
You are so good Chris 😁
You always have a sense of fun in our. Carer land circumstances.
Thanks for cheering me up 😁
Think you should go to citizens advice to see exactly what you would be entitled to.
Good luck..
Sounds like you are doing a great job under difficult circumstances.
Always here for a chat.
Wow that sounds drastic.
Did they explain why they want to do that?
Wow that sounds drastic.
Did they explain why they want to do that?