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That's disgraceful behaviour!! It is the responsibility for the social worker to do a FULL reassessment, and then put her case forward. You might like to point out to her that "panels" have been deemed to be "unlawful" as they "fetter the discretion" of those involved. However, I would request that...
I had from my LA. A couple of weeks ago, the Social worker I spoke to told me that my brother, who I look after should be getting more care, and me more paid nights. She escalated the case. Good news? I got a call today from another social worker who told me that if we take my brothers package to pa...
bowlingbun wrote:
Thu Oct 08, 2020 3:17 pm
I don't get on well with Social Services either.
However this does sound a good idea, nothing to lose, everything to gain.
Thanks a lot for the support
Received this today: Dear Further to our telephone discussion on 06/10/20 as you asked I am writing to seek your consent if I could  complete a Continuing Healthcare Checklist for your brother ( REDACTED ) CHC is a first stage of determining whether an individual is entitled to free service. After c...
Gurpreet, in my experience, social care often push for continuing health care funding to part or wholly fund care packages for those with a large package - it means the cost comes out of the NHS money pot instead of the social care pot. I would only be wary if they want to reassess his needs, as a ...
Hi all I received a call today from a social worker regarding my brother’s care. I am his sole carer; he lives in his own home; is 38; has a care package paid for by LA. The social worker, enquired about doing an assessment to determine whether the NHS should fund my brothers care because “it’s a bi...

Can anyone give a doefinitive answer regarding being an appointee and being paid for care.

No one seems to be able to help me.


Hi Thanks Chris I will have a read I’m not registered at my brother’s address. Although I am There a lot with his care. I just need to know if I can still be paid to do some nights for him as LA are saying you cannot be if his appointee. This has been dragging now for months. They take the p#ss I te...
Hi Bowling bun

Is there’s anything I can cite to them?

Like specifically?

Thanks in advance

I’ve sent them a mail.

Anyone else who could advise please let me know.