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Hi I am my sons appointee as he has mental health issues he get uc. My question is can he be my carer as my problems are physical and his are mental. Any advice appreciated thanks
They have autism learning difficulties mental health problems they can't deal with other people at all especially people they don't know.
I did try social services a few weeks ago to ask if I could get some help was told they are sorry but I don't meet the criteria
Hi everyone really need some advice been in agony for the past year or so but the last two months have been the worse. I have Copd angina and other health issues. Saw a specialist got lots of tests as the pain is so bad I can't even use my arms and says I have fibromyagia. I'm a carer of 3 young adu...
Hi Micheal make sure you get all the help that you require to keep yourself well. I have to tell myself this also as we often just do what we need to do to get through each day (well I know I do)
Hi I understand how difficult it is to get help when they wont/can't help themselfs I got nowhere for almost 2 years going back to the doctors to be told he had to do it himself I was watching his mental health and physical health go downhill it scared me after lots of talks him screaming I told him...
Does your sister have the power of attorney?
Is your mum happy for her things to be sold off?
Is she acting in the best interests of your mother?
That would be my first three questions as if not then she has no right to sell her things
Totally agree with that as it took so much longer for my daughter to get her diagnoses that her brother. Took almost 5 years of seeing specialists.
Should happen? Having to be brutally honest in front of my son won't be easy but I know it has to be done.Will look at advocates to see if they can help
Hi Chris no I don't have an advocate and all the help my son gets at the minute is from the mental health nurse about once a month unless I call sooner for help with something else for him
Thank you for the links
Hi I just received a phone call asking if it would be easier for a home visit for my son. I said yes that would be much better due to his social phobia agoraphobia anxiety ect and asked what they needed to do so I can know what I need ect. I am my sons appointee so at least now I can answer for him ...