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Saw the news about Universal Credit increase in April. Is this only for Universal Credit or other benefits as well (carer allowance & DLA)



Would like some information please.

I'm the main carer for my autistic son. My ex is planning to take him away for holiday for 1 week.
Will it affect my carer allowance as I won't be going with my son?

How about if I go abroad but along with my son?

Many thanks.

Hi Chris,

I'm in the assessment period so don't know how much UC I'm getting yet.

I'm not working, just get carer's allowance at the moment. I assumed those figures are your earnings from a paid job?


Hi, I'm a bit confused and just want to clarify. According to this website https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/health/help-with-health-costs/help-with-health-costs/#h-help-with-health-costs-if-you-get-universal-credit The £435 and £935 is your earning from a job right not the amount of UC you get? And...
Hi Chris, I was getting child tax credit as a couple. Now we split I need to make a new claim and automatically transferred to UC as my postcode is a full UC area. Tried the benefit calculator but it gave both tax credit and UC calculation. UC gave less. :( I guess I won't know the exact figures unt...
Hi, Need some advice please. I'm really really worried :( I'm applying universal credit as a single parent due to recent split. I'm unemployed and the moment and claiming carers allowance. My son is 9 years old and he receives DLA. My concern is UC is giving pressure to unemployed to find a job? It'...
Hi, I was told that as a carer of your own child you won't be qualified? I've a look on my LA website and one of the list of people isn't counted for council tax is care workers. I'm a full time carer for my son and got carer allowance but I'm not actually a care worker (ie. work as carer in nursing...
I'll go to my council customer point on Monday. Emailed them only yesterday, no reply yet. I already have my carers allowance and I'm aware of the single person discount. What I was asking was whether I'll be able to claim a refund because when my ex was a carer, we should get a discount as he's dis...

My son is only 9 years old. We own the property.

I've emailed my LA. Fingers crossed I can get a backdated refund.
Hi, Need some advice/info please. I'm separating with my partner. One of us always claim carers allowance for our autistic son. I didn't realise we're able to claim 25% discount on our council tax because as a carer you're disregarded. He gets carer allowance for 4 years before stop it because he's ...