The family solicitors are handling probate for my Mother's estate. I am just too sad, stressed and overwhelmed to do any of it.
When my Mother was alive I was her live in carer and had carers allowance. Eventually she had to have two carers 4 times a day and my carers allowance carried on.
Had a holiday. Looked at some houses for sale. Cried a lot.

I miss being a daughter ...
I moved in with my mother so that she could come home (from hospital, due to having a fall at home). She was fine for a while but slowly became less mobile and had to have 2 carers four times a day. She was self funding but would have soon been on the state as her savings were running low. She died ...
!!!!! How utterly infuriating.
Food for free by richard mabey, great book.
Brilliant. Thank you Chris. You are a great resource!
Do I need to contact the dwp to say that Mother has died or will the tell us once form sort it?

I have a social life now but oh how I miss her.
The neediness that comes with old age seems to come with built in selfishness.

Well done for standing firm. Just need your uncle to get brave now!
Goodness me how stressful and upsetting. Glad someone is seeing her on your behalf.

I really hope the situation is resolved as soon as possible.