Hi guys my wife has bi polar effective disorder and ptsd Recently her therapist has suggested she attend group therapy and with a local support group round the corner I’m keen to have a go so to speak , However she is staunchly against the idea to the point that if I slightly press the issue I’ll en...
Yes for me it does
I find questions get turned into statements
For example

Would like it can we becomes we are doing or
Let’s do this and that

There’s genuinely no pressure on my part but my wife sees it differently

But she does listen and will take note of what I’m asking instead
Ok so few more details I should have added Yes she’s in therapy has been for two years Yes it was her mums dad She was adopted by her stepdad as she was told her real father didn’t want her , She’s since reconnected with him to find that was a lie , She attends counselling when they call her , and t...
So diagnosis wise it’s been a rollercoaster , As a child she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her grandfather on top of that had a mentally abusive mother who was a consistent thorn until she died last year I’ve been with my wife for 12 years Originally she was told it’s cyclothemia 8 years ago...
Hi guys I’m Gaz
Ive decided to join her to be more help to wife
She has bi polar effective disorder and ptsd
I’ve been struggling with how to best help her and support her really since her diagnosis

Any pointers for things like anger ?