Hi NHShater

Its a shame that the bus companies and car producers don't think a little more about people with difficulties walking.

I am pleased you found a good one for you. The problem we had, was the size of the motorised wheelchair, as my wife has M.S. and cannot move, just one arm. She cant use a normal wheelchair and has a fitted bodice on the back of the motorised chair to keep her upright.

Hi Stanley

It is disgusting that they do this, as at just under 5 hours for a paid carer for £67, you are saving them a fortune. I know as a carer, that you will be working very hard for that insulting amount.

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Hi Henrietta Yes, that's one area that is not thought out well and not everyone can afford the up front versions and some don't even fit, as the motorized wheelchairs are to big to fit in. I had to save hard and do without some things to afford this van, but it is worth it to give the pleasure it de...
I was really fed up that my wife who is in a motorised wheelchair, could never properly see out of any of the cars vans we have used when going out for a day trip, or even just to the shops. I realised how important this was after trying to find a car/van in one of the big shows in England. I decide...
:roll: Well i don't know how people have been managing out there, but it is going to change from tomorrow and we have stayed in over the snow period. Hope everyone is safe and keeping warm. I worked at home Thursday and Friday and bad snow expected. Warmer weather coming and hopefully spring wont fe...
Spot on Chris and well said.
Thanks Chris

I will be looking into this and am now waiting for them to come and re assess my wife. Its nice to know that there are people out there who understand.

Thanks AyJay

That is very helpful to us.
My wife, who has severe M.S. is now expected to pay nearly £400 per month towards her direct payment, which is more than she gets in her own care component of DLA. Is this correct and do others have high costs towards their care. It is a big shock to pay so much, but i do agree that some should be p...