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Hi, last year I took my hubby who has vascular dementia and in wheelchair on holiday for a week in Llandudno. Stayed in hotel called the West Shore run by organisation called Livability. They have another hotel and various self catering facilities mainly in the south but also one in the Lake Distric...
So for years and years you are in tip top condition and then wham bang you end up in hospital and then at the surgery through no faulot of your own. Who are they trying to kid - they're just trying to cost cut again!
Just hear its going down to 3... but I contacted local incontinence service as I'm new to system and none too pleased with comments from DN. They were only too pleased to help and said if I have any problems in future to contact them. Newbie
Contact your local district nurse, gp or better still the local Incontinence Service at your hospital. They will actually come out to visit and assess and give further advice and put you in touch with other services such as dieticians, Speech and Language Therapists (SALT) Newbie
<t>I've only been dealing with the system 2 months and already beating my head against a brick wall. GP said don't worry about those things when there are more imprtant things. Like - yes hubby has severe probs but then he also has diabetes with no meds for it now so he needs eye tests. Thanks for t...
Does he have a CPN or district nurse - could you not go through them. I'd have thought your own surgery should be able to do this for you. Newbie
Hi, I'd been looking after hubby with vascular dementia for few years, but as I just did as a lot would do at the beginning, I never bothered to claim anything. He was walking, talking doing everything for himself until April this year. He'd had a successful bowel cancer op last year and then chemo ...