thanks for all the replies. I still dont know WHO is supposed to look after the caree when you are no longer their “carer”.
I’m not too far off getting my state pension but currently get Carers Allowance for looking after my special needs daughter.

Just been reading that once you get your pension you cant get carers allowance.

I will still be caring for her so how does that work?
Linda - quite honestly, care homes do what they want to suit them. My Mum was being put to bed at similar times and then if she woke in the night and needed help she was told off! Who can sleep from about 7pm to the next morning, having also had a sleep in the afternoon? When Mum went into care we h...
When mum had carers at home some of them were smokers and she hated it as it clung to their clothes. She has never smoked and really disliked it. We just put up with it though and didn't say anything. I was in our local hospital recently and got into a lift with a couple of uniformed nurses and they...
As far as I know there are no timescales. Some areas really struggle to find care workers. My mum lived in a rural area on the coast and we waited months to get home carers which we were paying for. I rang so many agencies with no joy. We were told that if you're in a town or not too far flung then ...
It is indeed a national scandal Butterfly.

I have just started the process of CHC for my mum but I don't hold out much hope from what I've read and what people tell me.
Any update on your Dads assessment Christine?

Just wondering as I started Mums today.
nhshater wrote:
Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:34 pm
Warning - My partner got continuing healthcare funding but as of today is getting no care whatsoever.
How come?
A previously posted article from the Guardian lays bare the inadequacies of the care home inspection system : Little surprised just how long it's taken the Daily Chuckle to catch up w... ... s-DAY.html

when is somebody going to do something about this?

Some elderly people have family to look out for them, but many don't.