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Having a good sense of humor is a must when you care for someone or you would go mad!

Your mum is as lucky to have you as your are to have her.

Weldone girl x
Welcome, I am sure london is not to far from you xx
<t>Tony, Good evening,<br/> <br/> Believe you and me i understand everything you are saying. My mother is not diffirent from yours only in age. My mum is only 67. I am going to add a few things to this that I found helpped me but if you already tried them then sorry to repeat it,<br/> <br/> Have you...
<t>Hi Tony,<br/> <br/> I read your last post and tears welled up in my eyes, My Mum is the same.<br/> <br/> Its been about 2 years since her last shower and the pong is not nice. Its mothers day tomorrow and I would loved to have taken her out for lunch and get her hair done but how can I, I am asha...
Hi charles, Thats the problem i dont know, if honest i suppose she would end up living in one of those houses you see in that programme Life of grime and thats no lie, its only guilt that keeps me with her but i dont know where the guilt comes from.
<t>Hi Jane, Thanks for your reply. Mum has been offered lots and lots of help and refuses it all and tells everyone she can / does cope on her own, Unfortunatly thats a big fat lie because the only reason she copes is i do it all, Clean, Cook, Wash, washup, shop, pay bills, collect pension and so on...
<t>Hi all,<br/> <br/> Long time no chat, I hope your all well and a bit late i know but let me wish you all a happy, Healthy new year.<br/> <br/> I care for my mother who has quite a number of mental health issues and i work full time as well as care full time so it done leave me much time for nothi...

Watch out world of forum i am on the loose, no one is safe now!!!!!! Image
Thats great your both stars thank you Image
Hi All,

Can you please tell me why i am unable to PM anyone. The message is still sitting in my out box. Apart from me being a total Tecnophobe i cant see what I am doing wrong!!

Thank you