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Hello Everyone, Well the Cuppathon yesterday was amazing I really felt uplifted I am still struggling but not rushing into anything.Thank you again & so sorry not to have replied a lot sooner.Best wishes Amanda
Good Morning,I lost my beloved Husband in January this year.And hate it Not sleeping well now worried about tummy issues I put it down to ibs.Also I have osteoarthritis of my hips & knees.So have to pace myself.If anyone is from Surrey,I would like too hear from them.Regards Amanda h
Very sorry forgot to chat this afternoon !! Brain fog!! Utterly exhausted to be honest.So sorry .Have joined for next week!! Till then have a good week!! Regards Amanda h
Help,I am sad as I have not been invited into the chat room on Zoom !! I am a stressed out carer .
I am a carer,& yesterday had the most amazing online Zoom session on here Are these on most day?
Hi There Yes we have had a letter from the Government, & I am putting gloves & mask on to give my hubby food,then I come upstairs, & keep away.But he watches TV while I chill my anxiety! I know people are rushed off their feet ,but it should be the whole property. That are vulnerable. We also have c...
My Hu I am a carer for my Husband,who has terminal cancer, & other issues.I also have osteoarthritis & severe Arthritis. But my Hubby has had a letter,but as I am the one who does all the shopping ,as my Hubby doesn't have a computer, so why cant these supermarkets wake up.Also ,who want to get up ...
Hello,Just wishing all carers a very Happy Christmas, for many of us it will be like a normal day.But let's make time for ourselves to relax.Everyone take good care,regards Amanda
Hi I am a carer,& just wondering if I would be allowed to advertise a spare room for a carer who is in need of a break .We are in Surrey.I won't put more details yet.In case I am not allowed.regards Amanda H
[size=150]Hello,I am writing on the behalf of my very poorly Husband who has terminal cancer of prostate bones and lung & also deaf & severely sighted.Luckily he's not in bed.But he has direct payments as he's got no savings.He was granted 14 hours per week,to cover a sight charity to provide suppor...