Thinking of you Pet and glad you were with your husband at the end.

Please take care of yourself and accept all the support offered by your family.

You are one truly gracious lady and my thoughts are with you.
I am so sorry Pet. I too would be furious re the Nursing Home as surely it is imperative that there is a continuation of care and as little disruption as possible re your husband.

Please rest if you can and take care of yourself.
I think we would all find your position difficult. You have been a 5* wife to your husband and your love for him shines through your posts. Can only send hugs.
Yes Jean my husband sleeps a lot. I do try to use the time to read and just relax.I would let him sleep frankly as his body may well need the rest.

Yes it is lonely being a carer. This Forum is great and very supportive.
No words Pet but I have a huge amount of admiration for the compassion and strength you have shown the last few years.

My thoughts are with you and your family.
My husband is 80 in a few days and I do understand your problem and truly sympathise as one cannot make a person eat. . We had an excellent Dietician but he would not take her advice. Have you thought about Fortisips? They are liquid so are easy to take and do provide all of the vitamins and protein...
Hi, my husband had an acute on chronic Heamatoma which I think is the same or similar to a bleed on the brain back in 2013 but he was 74. He spent nearly 3 weeks in Queens in Nottingham. Have you tried Headway for support? They are really a charity for people of working age as they have limited fund...
I saw my GP after my father died and I was really struggling with guilt and other emotions plus caring for my much older husband and he was 5*. I talked through my feelings about being a carer and he felt that they were normal and I did not have clinical depression, although he agreed I was at risk ...
I echo Mrs A's advice. Just agree Penny. Do not even try to argue. Also please do not beat yourself up re getting cross -none of us are saints and we all have breaking points. People with dementia are very demanding and it is normal to snap occasionally.
Please ask for an emergency app with your GP Sarah and tell them what you have told us - that you are at breaking point. I agree SS have crisis teams and hopefully your GP will contact them on your behalf. At 33 you have so much time ahead of you. I have nothing to add to the advice given here but t...