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My mum has just been diagnosed with early stage dementia. It's not a surprise, but still takes getting my head around. Dad is still alive and he and mum want to tackle this together with a little support for as long as they are able. Mum has been prescribed Donezepil, so fingers crossed. I don't hav...
Hello Ann Marie,my 17 year old daughter has had mental health issues for 5 years now,last year social services got involved due to the amount of hospital admissions she had had in a year,Self harm,suicide attempts,eating disorders (ignored because she is a big girl),social anxiety, hearing voices.Sh...
Hello, one of my best friends brother committed suicide when he was 18 due to his Autism and mental health problems.Her eldest son has Autism,and gets aggressive and down.Now it looks like her youngest son might be diagnosed with Autism or ADHD.Like you she also struggles with juggling her feelings.
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I was just wondering what safeguards will be in place so people know it's a genuine,registered psychiatrist,topics will be extremely sensitive and confidential.
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Allison,welcome.The support on this forum is excellent,I am also keen to learn and hear the experiences of others,Getting a diagnosis has been useful,but now we don't know what to do with it,if you know anything practical which helps you and your daughter I would love to know
From Clare
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Nana,I also support the theory that some friends are better at certain topics of support than others,occasionally as a person who has been a paid carer for alot of years,I find the people I am payed to look after more insightful than some lifelong friends
Tracie,have you learnt to cope with your diagnosis,and condition.My daughter and I are relieved but scared by what to expect from it.I would love some thoughts from you,if you wanted to share any