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Welcome to the forum from another newbie. xx
<t>Hi Julie, welcome from me to. You can phone social services elderly services, they will appoint a Care Manager to you. Once this happens you can explain whats going on and they will work with you. They may suggest that your mum could have regular outings/visits to a respite centre that has day ca...
Hi Karen glad you got through Christmas. If I dont manage to get back on before the new year I really hope 2012 will be a better one for you and of course for everyone else xx
Thank you for the advice. I plan on appealing when I can get hold of them which I believe will be tomorrow for a short time, I will let you know what they say xx
Hi Janice, Glad your hubby is feeling a little better the last few days. Hope you managed to have good day yesturday xx
<t>Hi thank you for all your warm welcomes. Sorry I didnt post how we cope, because in truth i don't know any more we live from day to day My hubby is in constant pain 24/7. I am a carer by trade for nearly 26 years worked my way to the top and even Managed a Residential Home. I had to give up work ...
<t>Hi Karen, Glad you were not on your own this Christmas. In the past I have had some pretty awful years with family members and I can so appreciate what you are going through now. But you have to put yourself first, think of you and your health. I no longer talk to my family and havnt done for abo...
Hi I'm Kim, Joined a few months ago so apologies for not posting sooner. I am a carer for my husband who has Spondylosis of the lower spine.