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Dear Susie,

That's exactly what i am going to do Image
Great Susie,

Looking forward to it, not sure what to expect as this is my first time
Dea All, Hope you are all keep well and sane!!!! Mum has just come out of hospital with puemonia which she apparently contracted in the Community, i think it was from the hospital but anyway. Hoping to meet with some of you on Thursday 1st Dec at the Carers Rights Day event. http://www.carersuk.org/...
Hi Janet, I hope you are okay, sorry me and mum have had the best two weeks in ages as i have been able to take her out each day doing the things we used like shopping and these positive times do take away the bad times, i realise that this is not possible for you probably but try to find some time ...
Hi Stacy, Yes i am slightly over 20 as well, however i came to be my mothers carer in my 40's and actually it does not matter what age you are friends don't understand, i thought i had friends that would as some of them have even lost their parents now, but not likely, i probably get the same commen...
Hi Mr Turk,

I hope you and your wife are okay, this cold weather can really affect people with breathing problems as i am sure you don't need me to tell you. Karen A
Hi Helen,

Yep i understand that , as my mum has a breathing conditon as well, so i know all about that. Stay in touch. Karen A
Welcome to the Forum Clare.

Karen A Image
HI Audrey,

Thanks, has anyone heard from Craig Ashberry?

I did really feel sorry for him.
Hi Anne,

Yes i did realise we carers are not allowed to be ill. No Arsenal are not giving me any relief just more pain each time , Take care and keeping thinking of us gooners everywhere. Image