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Arbroath Smokies
Thanks for replies with helpful advice and suggestions. We don't have many shops here (small town) but I'll follow up the suggestions on line. Pet - like you I am not intending to take all of hubby's laundry home but will keep an eye open for anything that needs to be "smartened up" at home. Thanks ...
Hubby has recently gone to care home and already I have noticed that his pullovers are suffering from high temperature washing so I would appreciate advice on suitable replacements and where I could buy them.
Albert_1604 wrote:My Easter was just dreary as every other day.
Same here Albert xx

Older carer looking after hubby, as you are looking after your wife.

Sending you a wee hug

Violet xx
So many replies, so much useful information - I really appreciate your help. I'll take a wee bit of time to think about it but I believe that a good option for me would be to stack as vented drier above washing machine would be right height for window opening. Thank you so much for taking the time t...
I am thinking of buying combined washing machine/tumble drier to save space and wonder if anyone has suggestions to make from experience.
Hi Jenny First port of call is always GP, if only to rule out simple medical causes. None of us on here are qualified doctors, and even such wouldn't diagnose without seeing. Kind regards MrsA I fully agree with MrsA's post. Please request a home visit by GP or District/Community Nurse so that they...
Haha Pope Pourri - Hubby had to give up driving years ago; I cannot drive (eyesight not good enough) so as carer I have often thought it would be such a help to have the convenience of car when needed instead of relying on taxis.

However, after reading your post I feel positively liberated :lol:
Thank you Mrs Average

Hubby (advanced vascular dementia) is housebound due to a number of health issues so we cannot go out, otherwise I can identify with pretty much everything else, including what John's wife says at the end.

Yes, it truly is sad.
Hubby has advanced vascular dementia and he is almost blind. Specialist confirmed that the part of the brain which communicates with eyesight has almost completely died. His hearing has also been affected, but not so badly as eyesight.