that was brilliant I have tears down my face and my mum is crying with laughter as well, well done anymore up your sleeve. Image Image Image
My Friend Joy Ellis has written and published 3 crime books, now i'm not a modern day reader I like historical or Si Fi but I must say the stories really keep you wanting to get to the next page, I would defiantly recommend them and you can get them on ebooks as well, they are, if you are interested...
Have a lovely day, Happy Birthday Image sorry can't do pictures but can do smilies Image
i hate the one, can't remember who it is but he's in an italian cafe at the moment, he was metal detecting before. and he been sitting in an internet cafe, aaaaarrrrrr i think it might be an insureance company, i'm sure some will know what it is.
<t>Have you tried ringing your county council cause if he's classed as disabled and if the conservator could fall down and you may get some advice or a grant to replace it, i'm only saying cause our kitchen leaked and they got someone to fix it as i couldn't afford to do it, just can't think of what...
i'd like to do that. must be a mum thing cause when i shut my eyes my brain shuts down.
Hopefully picking up my new car tomorrow, but will be driving very very slowly and very very carefully staying away from all curbs and things i can slide into, i was hoping that the snow would go by then, but it looks like its staying, Mum on the mend i think,
Hi Tony, Have a ((((HUG)))) from me, Poppetts right when thing change around its difficult but give it a little time and you sort something out, it will all of a sudden click of something you can do, but take care.
i have to tell someone, well Thursday started ok the sun came up, mum had an appointment for a tablet review, so my aunt said she would take mum to doc and i'd meet her there as i only work across the road, so i meet them there found out mum had a fall, she felt faint and layed on the floor for 10 m...
Happy Birthday LazyDaisy have a great day Image