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Yes I could always take him to the Jobcentre and see what happens. Actually, when PIP replaces DLA that's what would happen anyway as they assess you and then make you take whatever job they give you otherwise you lose all your benefits.
Tracie, we have appealed already, at local court hearing and non-local. Both have refused. We have been told we can't appeal any more than we have already done.
Its Complex Regional Pain Syndrome but I often mistake it for Chronic when telling people what he has.
<t>Thanks for all your replies. We are going to reapply for DLA and the people at DIAL will be helping to fill it out. My husband saw his work doctor on Monday who said it is likely that he will be medically retired so that may help with the case. Fingers crossed it gets approved. Poor hubby has bee...
There was no explanation as to why the appeal failed. DIAL thought all criteria was met so they were surprised.
What kind of official help? I have seen our local DIAL for advice and they think he should be entitled. I am hoping to try another claim but I just feel that it would be rejected.
<t>We are distraught. After 2 years of appealing and a court hearing we have been told that my husband is not entitled to DLA. He is constantly in a wheelchair, unable to work due to the CRPS that wipes him out, I have to wash and dress him, take him to the toilet and cook for him. The DLA staff hav...
Thanks for your lovely messages. It is a rather unknown illness and even a private consultant misdiagnosed him before he was eventually diagnosed correctly a year after getting the first symptoms.
<t>Hello,my name is Lorna I am 27, I care for my husband who is also 27 and he has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It is a disorder of the nervous system. His brain perceives that parts of his body are in immense pain when touched even though there is nothing physically wrong. It started in his left...
I care for my husband who has CRPS. It started in his left leg and has spread to his left arm now.