<t>can anyone help .<br/> my cousin has just moved into a new house.<br/> the problem is she has found she cant get anything done at the house .<br/> as the house has been black listed.<br/> as the tenant before her was in so much debt +.<br/> so they black listed her house.<br/> so dose anyone now ...
<t>thank you everyone.<br/> i no i sayed i was going but you have all made me welcome.<br/> it seems that i am more welcome than i thought i would be and more welcome than i am on some sites.<br/> so as i have sayed to matt i will stay but probably wont be about much as in January i have got to have...
hello some of you may remember me.
i have just come to say good bye.
as my mum died earlier this year i am no longer a carer.
so i hand back to let someone how needs to get here in.
so good bye all and good luck to all you carers and your cares
4 chris .
OK Rosemarry,you havent seen me.
so what do you think i look like. Image Image
hello & welcome from me as well.
im with marie 66
thanks Christine.
hello & welcome from me as well.
everyone keeps on about the cuk caring magazine.
where do you get it from.?
so glad somethink good you two geting together has come out off something bad.
DONT let any one get between you two.
Chris. xxxx