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<t>In a word YES. I am already looking for a one bedroom place (currently in 2 bed private) we have been on the council housing list for years and all we are offered to bid on are flats with stairs even though I have stated wifey cant do stairs and they have the medical paperwork to back it up.<br/>...

Also may be have a look at thi one as well?

https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/ ... n-it-fails
This is very frustrating how do I get them to look at the bigger picture instead of the hip?
When I contacted them by phone on the day we had the letter of refusal I spoke for 40 minutes about the claim and what I said was documented and was going to be read out at the appeal.
<t>I contacted the DWP to enquire as to our appeal and was told they have requested information from Lynn's hip surgeon/specialist and are waiting for him to respond even though she has only seen him once. It again backs up my theory that they are not taking the claim form into consideration and for...
Thank you Cheryl and Booksey I will do as you have suggested
and post back. Thank you so much for your help.
I am having trouble finding a welfare rights organisation that will help, I have tried searching my area through Google but only came up with advicewest.org.uk I emailed them our situation and they sent this reply :- Hello, Thank you for your email however I am sorry to inform you that ACFA does not...
Thank you all very much the information I will post back when we here back at the reconcideration.
I will look into Welfare Rights it would be much better to have representation.
Thank you all again.

<t>My wife Lynn became ill with cancer in the late 90s subsequent Treatments included surgery chemo-therapy and radio therapy.<br/> She had to give up her job and we struggled to pay the mortgage on my wage alone and debt started to mount up so before we lost our home we decided to sell and pay the ...