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<t>Hello Kate,<br/> I'm so sorry that your mum has died. It's a terribly hard time for anyone but being her carer you will have a huge adjustment to make. As Phoebe said, contact DWP - they are usually helpful immediately after a bereavement. Also important to see your doctor. I found the Citizen's ...
Hello Nana,
haven't been on the forum for a while but I just had a look and saw your news - I'm so pleased for you. It all sounds so positive, just wanted to wish you all happiness for the future.
love, Lesley xx
<t>hi Rosie,<br/> I'm as shocked as everyone else about how you've been treated. From what you say about the consultant's comments he hasn't given your son fair treatment because of his own prejudices. That's completely unacceptable. I'd have thought an official complaint would be justified. <br/> H...
<t>It's no wonder you are finding life difficult, any one of those events would be enough.<br/> Losing your mum and your husband - both momentous life events which take a long time to recover from, and you've had to face them one after the other. You also have been caring for both over some years wh...
I thought the law changed a year or so ago so war pensions were not to be counted as income for care services. My council would not be voluntarily disregarding it, I'm sure, they're very mean !! In my dad's case the whole of his war disablement pension was disregarded.
<t>Hi,<br/> I think the assessment varies in different council areas. I'm in North Yorkshire and they<br/> have no maximum payment cap there (Tory council !!) . They took all dad's income into account, except for a war injury pension that they're not allowed to count any more.<br/> Then they have am...
hi Conrad,
how are you doing? Hope your weekend has been ok.
I'm glad to see some sun, and feel better for being able to sit outside for a while.
Take care,
Lesley x
Thank you, Rosemary. After all you have been through it is awe inspiring that you work to help others and speak up for them so eloquently. I hope that you and your husband soon get the support you deserve.
Lesley xx
<t>hi Conrad,<br/> sorry you had such a difficult time on your birthday, I'm not surprised you were upset.<br/> You're coping with such a lot at the moment, I wish you could get some support. <br/> It's difficult when you're anxious because you haven't had good support from CPN's etc.<br/> but I wor...
hi Jacqui, thanks for letting us know. Glad to hear your mum is improving but why can't you get other info on her health? Surely you've a right to know?
Lesley x