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Yesterday Friday 4 December it should have been the turn of DJ Sam to play his music, but the Support Workers decided to play their music. I was told, the dancefloor was empty, so the Support Worker had to eat humble pie and ask Sam to play HIS music Good old Sam to the rescue again, the Lord is tel...
Yesterday Friday 27 November it was the turn of the Support Workers to play their music. However, they had problems with their iPad, so DJ Sam got to play HIS music, Sam saves the day!
Do you have any money Saving tips?

Which shops are value for money?

I got a box of crackers for £4:00 & wrapping paper 3 for £1:00 from a charity shop.
Since when did support workers think they are superior or mentally better than those with Learning Disabilities?

As one of my friends says, it's a nasty little form of control and bigotry. In my opinion, bullying, disrespect and abuse & to do it to the vulnerable is the lowest of the low.
Do you think the DJ with LD should be allowed to play his,own music, for the LD Clubbers without complaint from the Support Workers? Vote now
I am sure that a lot of churches and church halls, would welcome the revenue and respect the beautiful people with Special Needs as well as the DJ
I am still reeling at the DJ with Learning Disabilities was treated on Friday 13 November. Nobody told him that he could play his music on alternate weeks, until I questioned the Manager. He was so upset, I could tell he was fighting back tears. Is this the way those that are employed to care, want ...
Yesterday, Friday 13 November the Special Needs DJ was banned from playing the music he painstakingly prepared On his laptop, at 1:00pm I arrived at 2:00pm the DJ was upset, he told me the Support Workers wanted to play "their" music, and he looked hurt, angry and about to cry, whilst the male and f...
Yesterday, the Special Needs DJ played 70's music fron 1:00-2:00pm and the dancefloor was packed! No empty spaces! Then 2. Male Support Workers complained about the music again, despite the dancefloor being packed. The DJ has a heart of gold he had a Krispy Kreme Doughnut & Latte, with us, he has is...
I agree Jenny it's like you live your life in a freeze frame, your life and needs are put on hold by the one giant pause button that is caring.

It used to be like that for a decade, but caring is much more different now, in a positive way.

I guess some people will always be crass & ignorant