Congratulations Tilly, lovely news! I have 4 step grand children and love them to bits! The eldest was born in my house, with me playing midwife I can knit, but can't cast on or off, I could never get the hang of that for some reason http://www.carersuk.or...
<t>Thats so wrong Eun, everybody deserves a break x<br/> I consider myself very lucky that my kids (older teens) will stay with their Dad so I can have a few hours out, but when money is tight it's not always easy. <br/> The Carer breaks meant I didn't have to worry about finances and even though th...
<t>I had an e-mail to let me know that our local Making Space will no longer be providing Carer Breaks.<br/> This is due to the council cut backs.<br/> Yet another kick in the teeth.<br/> They had only restructured it all last year, allowing you to choose your own break and they would organise/pay f...
Me and my best friend used to go on long bike rides, take drinks and crisps and be out all day.
We had no mobile phones then, so always had a few 10p's to phone home if needed!
<t>Hi all,<br/> Not brill here, so far things are worse instead of better.<br/> Yesterday Hubs had 2 Tonic seizures with a partial in between. <br/> The violent shaking is really affecting the arthritis & JHS in his knees - he is in so much pain he can barely walk. <br/> I think he's had 2 seizu...
Congratulations, very best wishes for the new home xx
Here's Rosie
Belated Birthday wishes!
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Hope you have a lovely day xx