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<t>I had carers for my elderly mother but they weren't very good. When she became quite illI tried to do it all myself as I didn't trust them but I could feel myself becoming stressed and depressed, so I had to have the carers back, even though I had to keep checking up on them. I don't know how peo...
Happy Birthday x
<t>Have you thought about Abbeyfield's sheltered housing. It's usually an adapted big house housing for about 9 residents. They have them in most towns. It's run by a charity. Mum and Dad were there for a bit. The house manager was fantastic. They had regular outings and socials arranged. They had m...
Thank you Gela. If she's not happy I'll get her out. If she gets worse I'll try to get her to the hospice. Thanks to everyone for your support. You've all made me feel much better.
Sorry for your loss Loopylu. Glad that you and your family were with your Mum when she passed. Take care.
Thanks Beanz and Gela x. The home has a very good reputation and my friend, who was a district nurse, says it's where the GPs send their own parents, so hopefully she'll be looked after well.
Thanks no1mum. I think it's all going ahead for her to the care home, initally for respite. They said she should get there this week or next week. Hopefully she'll feel a bit better and happier then.
<t>Thank you Beanz. Sorry to hear about your Dad. It's a horrible condition. I'm not allowed to visit until 3pm so try to have some time in the morning to relax. I've got a sister but she lives in Essex and still works. Luckily I retired last year. My sister did come up for few days last week, and i...
Thank you x. She was a little brighter today.
Thank you x. Keep hoping I'll find her a little better when I go in.