Shes lovely.
Mines called lacie, ill see if i can find an updated pic x

Found, Lacie and my other dog Roxy who is a pom. Shes 7 x
Happy Easter Everyone.

Tilly is she a Shih tzu . My shih is a year old on the 11th may,lovely pup. ( my av pic she was only 10 weeks there) x
Hello, Welcome :)
Happy Birthday to you Bell. Hope your spoilt, xx
Belated birthday wishes from another April fool Image
Happy birthday Charles, glad to share the same day as you x
<t>Hello.<br/> <br/> Thank you for all my birthday wishes..i had a lovely day and got very spoiled by everyone.<br/> <br/> My daughter took the day off work Monday to treat me to lunch and shopping, Yesterday i met my best friend in town for lunch ( hour on a train for her as i moved for my son to a...
I saw it too..she looks very content. X
Happy Birthday Melly.

Hope you are having a good day and S is coping. x

Wanted to welcome you.

My son has Autism, and can appear "normal" wen people meet him for just a few minutes ( whats normal anyway ), but he is a challenge. So can relate there.

Just wanted to say hello. x