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Again I reiterate having kids is not a disability.

No it is not but neither is it an excuse for others to decied what to do with your child or pram when you are walking along the street. Also...the child in it may be disabled...two of mine were!
I have moved a pram in the past because it was blocking my sons path in to a shop and no sign of the mother. You shouldn't leave your pram blocking peoples way - having a child is not a disability. Thats why it really pees me off when they put the parent and child spaces next to the shop and the di...
as for the pushchair thing...I seriously lost my rag about that issue when my olderones were younger it really naffs (being polite here) when people don't show a mediocum of comman sense and good manners to move aside for a pushchair or pram When my kids were small, I was in a charity shop and had ...
{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}} I am really sorry you are having this crappy time. The mood you are in I think the best thing you can do regarding xmas is stay put, have a nice little family time with your musses and child and possibly have friends around. Then when you have the money go to your dad a...
He's going to announce that mps will lower their salary by half and live within their means as a way of supporting the economy.... http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_eek.gif http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_cool.gif oh wait.....that was just a dream...sorry... http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon...
I'm not computer illiterate, just a fairly basic user. However I've been unable to upload an avatar from my own pc; can anyone help?
Check the size restrictions for the site (it will be in the same place you upload from) or its animated to heavy.
I cannot find it on snopes or any of the other check sites. It reads real. It's also illegal to open mail not addressed to you or your spouse or dependants.
I thought it was actually illegal for someone else to inprison someone...disabled or not....in their own home, why is no one being charged for this?
[b]Carers break form[/b]

But I do care for her by cooking, cleaning, shopping, gardening and watching she does not fall due to nerve supply problems to her legs and arms. And offering emotional support. That does make me a carer?