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James, I think it's very important to try out the chairs - what is comfortable for one person, isn't comfy for another - our bodies are just too different. I therefore suggest you either wait until you can take our Mum to try them out in a shop or find a company that is willing to do home visits. Me...
Hi Liz and welcome,

Good you manage to have a giggle.

Do you know folk nearby?

You might like the cuppa for carers virtual meet-ups. Will post a link later if no one beats me to it.

Got to dash!!

She wouldn't cope working with a stranger, No, of course she wouldn’t. But remember, you were a stranger once and she got to know you!! Research transition and introducing change to people with autism - it’s not impossible - it just take planning, preparation and time. Gradually introducing other p...
I’m not sure why a legal claim for one relative would stop payments is DP’s for another relative?

Pipsy, Some agencies recruit care staff specifically for a new client; however it’s more common for them to allocate from their regular care workers. If someone really isn’t suitable you can request to not have them again; but agencies are juggling clients and will be looking at travel distance betw...
The hours allocated should be calculated according to a person’s assessed needs.

The amount per hour sounds average.

Hi Alex,

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I’m on my way to bed now, but others will be along tomorrow to offer advice.

Hi Melly yes ive read it ?Looks like i will just have to wait my turn unless the government provides the form online for carers ?? Susan, I posted the info because you wrote: Susan_210212345678910111213141516 : Hi i live in wales I asked about the vaccine im 57 ,i asked if id get it earlier as im a...
David, there are more voluntary roles online at the moment due to the o pandemic; therefore you could be onhand to support. In the future, perhaps you or a family member could help her transition to a new role. Or a mentor/volunteer befriender/ paid support worker could get to know her and support h...
I don’t remember it being an issue with the ones we recruited ourselves. I’m sure it happens a lot. People move on, more care workers are added to ensure an adequate pool of people etc I also requested not to have certain agency care workers - I did give the agency reasons for this. Are you employin...