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HI Audrey, good to hear you survived Covid and are ready to go back to work. You wont really find the answers/support you are after as this forum is primarily for those caring for family and friends, although we occasionally have members who both care for family member/friend and do paid care work t...
Yes Kate, you can! I have found it on the government website, it's in the Covid-19 Winter Plan: 2 Support Bubble: A support bubble is an exclusive close support network between two households. It means you can have close contact with that household as if they were members of your own. From 2 Decembe...
Hi Kara, just a quick reply as I'm needed upstairs. For me the biggest issue is whether your daughter is being exploited. Does she fully comprehend the situation she is putting herself in and the potential for the people buying the videos to post them publicly for everyone to see? Her female friends...
Sorry to hear you are still up against, Butterfly.

Kate, she is on to something there; https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-advice/coronavirus/coronavirus-guidance/support-bubbles/ Who can I form a support bubble with? For two households to form a support bubble, at least one of the households must have: only one adult (this includes households with...
Albert, I am glad you will be ok and I wish you well for the Christmas season. Our situations are very different though. I will spending Christmas 24/7 with S who has autism, struggles with change because of his autism and who will be very anxious as we are not doing what we usually do. When he is a...
Hi Kate,

I haven't seen this, can you post a link?

Wise words, Albert. I think its a balance between getting together and keeping the vulnerable safe that each family will have to strike and decide for themselves. I think it will be tough on folk like S and I, who won't be seeing family. We usually see friends around the main event - when they aren'...

I don't have experience in supporting someone with mental health issues as my caree has autism. I have asked the Carers Uk help team to see if they can advise you or signpost you to relevant help for a young person with mental health concerns.


I didn't know either (or if I did, the information wasn't retained :shock: :? :-??? )