Hi Pet, sounds like you are ticking the essential tasks off your list. Your relief that you and hubby are at the end of the dementia journey is very understandable. It was hubby's time and you were their for him every step of the way. Now it's time for you to learn to focus on you. Whether or not yo...
Hi Cheryl, Welcome to the forum. You are definitely not alone in your experiences. It is unfortunately not uncommon for families to offer little to no support to the carer in their caring duties. It seems unless someone ha direct experience of caring, they have little understanding of how tough it i...
Hi Webwitch, Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry, I don't know the reply to your question. Others with expert of claiming carers allowance for carees in denial of the level of care they need, will no doubt be along. The forum is often quieter at weekends. If you don't receive the advice needed on here, ...
Thanks folk for update.
Am glad it's finally been agreed, but how mean to wait until end of August ... was hoping to get this sorted in time for the summer hols, ( when S is often most anxious.)

Hi Gemma, Welcome to the forum. Did you have to wait long for the diagnosis? How old is your daughter? She will most likely need input from a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and a speech and language therapist who can work with you to help her develop her mobility, self help and communicatio...
Hi Pet,
glad you are taking one day at a time and following BB's advice re one task a day. Good to hear you had a laugh at the café today.

I agree re the useless nurses at the home; put your feelings about them aside for now and at a later date put in the complaint.

Sending (((hugs)))

In addition to the condolences on this thread, there are more here for Pet: https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... -pet-37076
Hi Kayren, This is not my area of expertise, I don't have personal experience, but I'm wondering if couples counselling would help. He is the one with the BPD but together you are in a partnership and for that to work, both your needs, need to be met. With the help of a counsellor you might be able ...

And you are one brave lady too.

I'm so sorry to hear hubby has passed; but relieved for him and you that he is now at peace.

I'm glad that you were able to be with him, to see him on his way.

Sending lots of (((hugs))) to you.

Glad hubby is comfortable and peaceful and that you had a chance to have a private chat with him.

Take care, we are here for you.