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It sounds like you and your wife have a good strategy for coping with life with Parkinson's.

Hi WorriedDD, Others have been in similar situations, whereby the only option left, was for their relative to go into a home, hopefully they'll be along to advise. In the meantime I'll share what I've gleaned from the forum etc. Definitely don't accept him home. Although there isn't a POA in place, ...
Hi Victor, The problem with typing messages is that misunderstandings can occur - and we seem to misunderstanding each other. It was my understanding that you have noticed a decline in your mother's mental health and believe that she needs her meds increasing; the care co-ordinator however, lacks th...
Hi David, I'm sorry to hear about your FIL, glad he is stable however. I don't know your wife, but I would say the best way to support her is to make sure she has the information she needs to understand what has and is happening to her Father presented to her in a visual way. This will mean she can ...
Sorry Victor, I mistook your comment,
She's just winging it - and trusting that the more qualified Care Manager will back her up.
to mean this person would be better placed to assess the situation.

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Your sister is lucky to have you.

Take a look around the forum and join in if you have advice to give or an opinion to share or go the Members and Chit chat sections which are generally more light hearted.

Hi Leah, Take a copy of the form before sending it off, so you aren't starting from scratch when they make you reapply in a few years time. It is a time consuming and total negative experience filling one in; as parents we celebrate every little achievement our child makes and this form wants to kno...
contact the Care Manager direct, express your concerns re your Mum, be careful (at this stage) what you say about the Care coordinator.

Who reviews her meds?

Hi Cjrcd, welcome to the forum. What an absolutely terrible time your Dad has had he must have a strong drive to survive. You and your Mum have had a lot to deal with, supporting him. It boils down to you continuing to care for your Dad; juggling work and caring or your Dad accepting support from pa...
I have a Memory shelf.