Henrietta, This has cropped up in the past. I couldn't find the thread I was looking for (some old links don't work,) but I did find these whilst searching: https://www.carersuk.org/forum/specific-disabilities-conditions/dementia/activities-for-dementia-patient-22848?hilit=activities https://www.car...
Hi Shelly, Welcome to the forum. Living with a child with ADHD is hard work, but there are lots of strategies that can help make life easier. Research as much as you can and consider joining a group for parents of children with ADHD. The public can be judgemental, but focus on your daughter when she...
• Visit folk I haven’t seen in a long time • Travel abroad • Have a seaside holiday • Sleep in • Be spontaneous • Swim regularly • Take up yoga or tai chi again • Visit places regardless of whether dogs are off the lead or not • Travel abroad • Have a seaside holiday • Sleep in • Be spontaneous • Sw...
Hi Suzanne, welcome to the forum. what a difficult situation, Not uncommon for elderly people to be in denial re the help they need. You are right, you can't be forced to care for your Mum. The complication will be that she currently lives with you and probably isn't a priority re social housing. I ...
Hi Polly, Welcome to the forum. Your husband's diagnosis must have been a big shock for both of you. It sounds like he is in denial. Is he receiving any professional help to help him come to terms with his diagnosis? I suspect, you can't be there to change his behaviour, only he can do that. All you...
Hi Gilli,
The NAS have produced some guidance and support for folk with autism re employment, https://www.autism.org.uk/about/adult-life/work.aspx might be worth looking at for M.

Hi Jenne,
From the experience of ourselves and friends, it seems social care have to keep funding care until a funding formula is agreed, at one point, S was funded 40% by health 60% by social care.

Hi Linda,
Welcome to the forum.

It must be very hard to come to terms with your husband's diagnosis. Are you getting any support from the McMillan nurses? They or your local hospice should be able to offer emotional support as well as practical support and advice.

have you downloaded the form, then you can fill it in electronically and save it.


The umbrella term, "reasonable adjustments," springs to mind.

Googling quickly I found this; https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-a ... ed-people/