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I totally get the need for time for yourself and how difficult it is not being able to have any due to supporting high maintenance carees. Describes my total exhaustion and mounting stress precisely.

As a team you should be able to engineer some me time for each of you.

Hi Emma,

Take care of yourself. He may still be very unwell. Once the meds are at the right level and he is thinking clearly again he may well be in touch.

Then as long as she is taking all sensible precautions, it sounds as if they are doing the best they can to stay safe. Would they get volunteers to deliver food and nappies to lessen the risk further? (Covid 19 mutual aid group or similar)

Sheona, is his partner self isolating too?

Hi Andy, welcome to the forum. Gosh that is a lot to be juggling! Take a look around the forum. Ayjay cares for his wife and others on here care for partners too. Most posts are in the Coronavirus section at the moment, but posts are popping up elsewhere too. Feel free to respond/ start your own . M...
Hi Norman,
advice for Carer workers delivering care in someone's home is here https://www.gov.uk/government/publicati ... -provision this should answer your questions.

Hi Sheona, under normal circumstances, social care would organise emergency foster care if a child's main carer was hospitalised or very unwell and no one else could step in. Are their any other family members or friends who could stay with her and the little boy for two weeks, should the worst happ...
Ohh London bound, more hassle and stress for you. Good job you were able to sort it out eventually.

They wouldn't be so nonchalant I'm sure if the computer was forgetting to pay their wages!

Kathryn that is fabulous news. Thank you for sharing the outcome and encouraging others to try for the same.

Gosh Anthony, how stressful this all sounds. My friend does CBT for the NHS and she is still treating her clients - by telephone. Might be worth contacting the psychiatrist/GP for a telephone appointment. It does sound like she needs her meds sorting asap. If your Mum has lumps and bumps then she ne...