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Luke, I agree with Pet, try and relax now and wait for the appointment. The hardest part is not knowing and I understand your need to find out and know as much as possible. If you need to learn more about dementia there is lots of information here https://www.alzheimers.org.uk (they cover all sorts ...
I am locking this thread, it is an old one attracting spam.

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Very sorry Nikki, to read about our wife. Take comfort that she went peacefully and everyone that mattered had time to for goodbyes. Are your younger children getting grief counselling? It might really help.

Be easy on yourself, one day at a time.

Hi Anthony,
welcome to the forum.

That sounds very frustrating. What sort of care does your stepdaughter need, how old is she and which professionals are giving you most grief?

Debra, was he so anxious about it prior to Lockdown? The problem with spending so much time at home and having less to do, means he is more likely to notice every bodily sensation etc and become worried about it. If he has internet skills he might have been researching and this in turn making himsel...
Hi Kim, Does your father have a safety pendant to summon help if he falls? This would give you peace of mind that if he falls he will receive help quickly. Perhaps your father accept a gardener or a cleaner coming to help 'you' out with the chores, this would get him used to other people calling. He...
Londonbound, it wasn't a support group, it was a course run by the consultant and his team.

Not an idiot at all. You had a lot going on. I had to look through my emails to see when I claimed for our kitchen flood - although I found when the flood happened, I couldn't find the date I actually contacted the insurance company - as it hadn't occurred to me until others advised I did. Its my gu...

very difficult for caree and carer.

As an aside, one of the Mum's at S's college has attended a fibromyalgia course held at the hospital - she found it really helpful. Probably another waiting list - but worth investigating.