Pet, understandable to feel this way. It's another first, isn't it, first arrival of a baby without Hubby here to share the news with. Share the news with him anyway and when this little one is older, I'm sure he will love stories about his Great Grandad.

Gilli, the support worker sounds a waste of space. Can you contact her line manager? Is there a written record of the discussion about autism training and anger management? Though it sounds to me, if M's boss was safeguarding him and implementing the strategies agreed, M wouldn't be so overwhelmed a...
Hi Janet, You are very selfless, caring for him. He sounds a handful, you must be exhausted. Is he under CAHMS or the equivalent? Is he attending school? I don't have experience of living with someone with ADHD, but my friend's son has it and I have taught children with ADHD. There is advice here: h...
Thanks for that, Penny.

Lindi, support for people with learning disabilities is set to be reduced one-to -one and two-to-one support for people with learning disabilities (is to be cut) 277 jobs are now at risk with 120 of them being in the adult social care and health department Once again, cutting services for the most n...
Thanks Susie, acrylic double knit wool it will be.

Thanks Thara, yes I have been to craft shops and so on, but don't have time to be doing that at the moment. I shall be ordering the wool on line.

Hi Judith,
I don't have experience of caring for someone with mental health issues, but did just want to welcome you to the forum. There are others on here who care for someone (adult child or partner) with mental health issues, so hopefully they will be along soon.

Hi, At the end of the day, I need something easy to do to switch off before bed. As I'm doing a lot of reading as part of my new venture, I need to find something other than reading. I thought I might crochet a scarf as I need one to go with my new coat and making one will be repetitive and easy (I ...
Hi Paula, as your son is entitled to an education and needs to be cared for social care and education will have to work together. How you play this depends on how supportive the professionals involved are. Is his school saying they can no longer meet his needs or are they prepared to carry on as the...
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