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Phoebe glad you got through the day as best you could. On the 1st of June it will be 2 years since my dad died followed three months later by hubs 2nd anniversary. Hopefully I will be in my new house by then and it will be the start of the next part of my journey.
Take care of yourselves


<t>Hi everyone, just passing through. Currently I'm caught up in the whirlwind of moving house. Very stressful to be at the mercy of others and not having control. Although letting go is a skill i'm getting quite good at. Twenty months since hubs died seems such a long time and yet no time at all. I...
Okay back and less stressed but still don't like it :angry:
Hope everyone on this thread is okay and coping. I've had an offer on my house and put one in on another. Just the paper trail to complete now and hopefully the move will help me continue to move forward.
Hi its booksey popped in to see how everyone was doing. Now totally stressed new site does not like me at all doubt i will be back
Evening all

Just passing through really to check every one is okay. Life plods on much the same good and bad days. Mostly good though Image

Take care
<t>Nana I have one SIL who I'm in contact with regularly the others very rarely bother, but then they didn't bother when hubs was sick either so I don't suppose I should expect anything different really. <br/> I think really we start a new/different life as soon as we are bereaved. I'm really please...
nice to hve freedom from full time caring
but sad to have to pay the price of losing my darling mr bb...
Oh big bear how true this is

Thanks for the kind words both of you. I'm back in a better place now Image .
Hi everyone I haven't been around for a while sorry the grief monster has been battering you guys but like all things it passes.I've not had the best of weeks either, my FIL's ashes are going with my hubby and I'm finding the process stressful (not helped by hubs family excluding me from things) I w...
<t>Hang on in there guys it gets easier to live with.<br/> <br/> Stop for a minute and look back down the path you've walked. You've come a long way sometimes you've gone back on yourselves and gone forward on a slightly different route but mostly you're walking onwards and that path isn't always as...
hi Phoebe Hang on in there it does get better. I'm at nearly 18 months now and whilst i miss hubs I am some how creating a life for myself. I'm now looking for a new house which I think will really help. This was always hubs house' he was born in it and died in it. Even though we owned it jointly I ...