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Sorry Mandy, I just cant get my head round personal messages, please send me your e mail address again, I am so sorry to be a nusiance
Thank you so much Mandy for your concern and I will do as you advised me. I still dont know how to send a private message but I will follow your advice, and thank you so much for all you have tried to help me with. It is much appreciated my friend.

<t>Hi Mandy, no he is going worse if anything, hot all the time now, sits in the house with his coat on because his arms are cold but his head and chest are still hot, he is also saying he wants to go into a home and is going to discuss this with the Nurse on Wednesday, I just cant seem to talk to h...
<t>Hubby is now on the TB antibiotics and is no better, in fact his hot spells are lasting all day, his head is hot and is chest, but the rest of him is cold. He is wearing an outdoor coat in the house now because his arms are so cold, he is supposed to go back to the hospital on the 13th of October...
Welcome Ellen, I hope your life doesnt get too hard, I too am going through a bad time with my hubby who keeps having hot spells but I put my trust in God to help me keep strong

This place is great for making friends Mandy and I have made quite a few, your good self included, friends make the world go round
Glad it went well Mandy, I didnt get to sleep until 4 o clock, but I usually have one night a week like that so I cant complain too much
I will coax you back Mandy, we are lost sheep without the good sheppard
I trust in God every day Mandy, without him I would be nobody
<t>Oh it got to me Mandy and I have e mailed you now so we can begin our friendship properly. You sound just like my kind of friend and I am so lucky to have you. We can send each other loads of pics now and I can show you my Chihuahuas, life is so good now Mandy, I am sure that God sent you to me<b...