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Hi Thank you for replying. My mum gets direct payments and has to contribute towards the cost of the care she receives at home. I was told the most that she would have to contribute would not be more than £50 per week. She is under the £12,000 amount so is entitled to help. She is only paying £19.00...

Does any one know the cap on how much you need to contribute towards care using direct payments from the local authority?
Mum has her re assessment next week as she has gone downhill recently and not able to do much for herself.
My mum did not want to go to the day centre or have a carer initially but I have overcome this by introducing her to one of my friends( the carer) and gradually after seeing her come in and chat to me and spend a few minutes with mum got to like her and now goes out to lunch once a week with her, sh...
Anyone else in west sussex?
Hi I care for my mother with dementia and have done so for nearly 2 years after she had a fall and broke her elbow and shoulder. I thought that when she had recovered she would go back to her own home with carers but no she stayed in my house with my family. It is very hard and takes over your life ...
Hi Everyone Thank you for replying. I will try to answer some of the questions put forward but will phone carers uk for advice. Dad is 91 and part self funding and council pay remainder. He is not able to discuss the property as he is too far advanced. He is also unable to live at home as he was get...
Hi, My dad has dementia Dad is in a care home. My Mum has been living with me for a couple of years now after falling and breaking her shoulder and elbow and was unable to look after herself. My house is not really suitable for Mum and this was meant to be a temporary stay until she was well enough ...
Thank you,
I will ask what else we can use it for. Renting a cottage for a week sounds lovely she would enjoy the change.
My mother has Direct Payments which she uses for occasional care agency help and also a day care centre. I was wondering what else the funding could be used for.
Thank you