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Hello again,
Treatment 2 done today
Sarah is sleeping a lot but hasn't woken up feeling sad or crying since the treatment began.
It seems to have neutralised her mentally.
She's not herself but not sad which was the main problem.
Will update as we go..
Day 2 after treatment 1: Sarah is sleeping most of the day. She went shopping this morning and said that she had trouble remembering the aisles..( regular shopping place) She also says that she can't really think of anything specific Aches in muscles and fatigue are the main symptoms at mo. Getting ...
Thank you henrietta:) I will read up on it.. Sarah had her first ECT this morning. She came out as red as a beetroot but seems very coherent. Her memory is still good and she remembers going to the treatment.. She says that her head feels like it's been in a vice and has a headache. So far all minor...
Hello again! Thank you Melly,your a good soul:) To answer your q Henrietta re: menopause. Sarah has had her thyroid gland checked recently and it is working ok. So we presume that menopause isn't the problem! I'm learning all this as I go! Treatment starts tomorrow morning so I will keep updating in...
Hi and thank all of you for your response:) Her mum passed from cancer and I believe that seeing it happen has caused the issue.. As we know, it is a long sad drawn out process which takes its toll on anyone.. However!! We are due to start ECT therapy this Tuesday coming so i will keep you updated a...
Aloha! My wife has had depression for 22 years brought on by the loss of her mum and son. She has had 9 different types of medication, 8 psychiatrists and every type of counselling/talk therapy.. These treatments are short term gain and she has now reached the point of dispair. Her hope is now for E...
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