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i think getting the same DN to come to fairymagics house every time is a great idea, but probably impossible,frandrake.if only http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_sad.gif writing a basic list of "must - do's" for your husband's daily care and sticking it up for each DN to follow is a very practical ...
that's ingenious jane:-) Image
ladybird- i tried teaching DD how to use the injector pen, but her hands are small- more like 5yr olds hands, and though she could grip the pen barrel, the reach and strength needed to press the injector button 'aint there + she tilted the pen on exit, making me wary that she could do the injection ...
as we've had temps falling between -1 and -4 every night this week, I'm presuming the cold weather payments relate to daytime temps only. Image
something like this might be useful info:-
http://www.completecareshop.co.uk/categ ... _aids.html
sorry, fairymagic, don't mean to hijack this thread- it's just when I saw the words "Community Matron", it seemed like a light at the end of a long and frustrating tunnel Image
brogusblue-would that be our local gp or the one nearest to the respite house?(its 25-30 miles away). bowlingbun- the out of hours service is co-ordinated at our local hospital and all they could suggest was for the respite staff to put DD in their car and take her to the hospital 25-30 miles away t...
<t>how does one get in touch with a community matron please?<br/> Our district nurses work 9am -5pm and my caree needs an injection just before sleep (8-9pm would be ok) -but when caree is in repite , she does not get it ,so have had to do a 50mile, 1 hour , round trip( every night) to give injectio...
brilliant! clever, musically sound and so funny,it'll keep me chuckling all the way to daycare.
Thanks for posting it Image