One thing always puzzles me. The advice given out to carers is always you don't have to do this. It's always your choice etc etc but then the amount and bitterness of criticism given out about assorted relatives who make exactly that choice completely negates that message.
Andy Hamilton joke. They should bring back hanging for murderers, terrorists, social workers and those people who wash your windscreen at traffic lights without asking you first.
Now there's something I didn't expect to learn on a carers'forum!
I'd like Billy Connolly - my go to solution when nothing else will cheer me up or calm me down, Andy Hamilton and John Finnemore. Plus in my fantasy world go back 20 years or so and add in Alan Coren, Linda Smith and 20th century Victoria Wood.
Hi June, I just thought I'd say hello since it's not obvious who else is around at the moment. I'm not going to be much practical help but there are plenty of people who will give you advice in the next few hours. If I was in your position I'd start with the sheltered accommodation warden but I expe...
PS if it's any consolation I was home alone on Christmas Day too.
None of your problems is immediate and you sound worn out. Treat yourself to a few days rest and set aside your problems to deal with afterwards. You'll be much better able to deal with them then. Don't agree to any type of discharge package until you've got the answers you need about your husband's...
Were they venison saisages Mrs A?

I can remember sewing felt at primary schooland I hated it because the squeak of the needle set my teeth on edge.

I am so impressed. People who treat us as just carers don't realise what hidden talents we all have too.
I somehow managed to miss your earlier post. My experience too is of being apparently forever in limbo waiting for a diagnosis for my partner. I'm not sure we've ever really got one but neurologists treating the symptoms works reasonably well. At least part of the delay was caused by not knowing tha...