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She on mediaction been tested for dementia she passed ask psychiatrist for her to go in hospital her .medication might need changing but while drinking medication does always work she got bi-biolar
Iv even asked can she go in Hospital to be assessed
Thanks for replys she in her 60s personal appreance fine its her mind iv asked for help but not getting anywhere ?
Hi if a person. Has mental health problems and is drinking but veranable and unwell can they be refused help? What are the laws in safeguard ? If anyone can help thanks in advance
Hi wonder if any1 can help me a person I claim for did not attend there pip assessment so they rejected her claim can u still claim carers allowane ? Thank u advance :P
Thanks for replys yes I'll look on mind yep that what I meant ex meaning example I feel for you with you son are you getting support and feel your heard ? Iv ask for help don't seem to be getting anywhere x :-(
Jenny Lucas I meant for ex meaning short for very stressful they are on tables but a side effect can be manic behavior especially if drinking thanks for your reply
Hi has any one got advice of how to cope with someone when they go manic or act psycoto ex will talk loud to themselves for about 10 hrs all people say is go for a walk there only so many walks a person can go on has any got experience or any tips for me please thanks in advance
Hi hanrietta thank you for your reply I will have a look ;-)
Hi does anyone know of funding for carers to have a restbite or access to the gym or anything about the carers voucher scheme thanks in advance