I.too, was flabberghasted when I heard the words coming out of Lord Freuds mouth - made me feel as if we had taken so many steps back towards the Victorian era! I was still reeling from David Rendall's comments after Barbara Keeley spoke on her 10-minute bill in the Commons regarding exemption from ...
<t>Hi everyone<br/> just wanted to give you an update on our situation re: rates for paid carers via direct payments.<br/> <br/> Had our audit today and discovered that the LA hadn't been putting in the yearly amount to cover sick pay/holidays, insurance, etc for my husbands PA & they hadn't don...


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I know what you mean scally - the direct payments have reduced year on year yet our contribution has increased each year,
Hi bowlingbun
have looked on our LA website but can't find anything at all about rates - just general info on direct payments. Think they must have well and truly hidden the info I am looking for. Will keep on searching tho.
Will do no1mum
Many thanks susieq
<t>Hi everyone,<br/> Haven't been on the forum for a while - life has been a bit hectic.<br/> <br/> Social Services want to do a review of my husbands care next week - mainly because we effectively have not had a social worker since last September. My husbands last Social Worker went off sick (and i...