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So sorry to hear of your sad new pixie, please pass on my condolences to your friends.
<t>I also would like to see all this bickering put to an end. When you see other protests or strikes do you think that all of those that are standing together have not had words with someone over something at their place of work, because I bet they have, but they manage to come together for a good c...
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Hi Ken

I think you will find the reason it was closed because it was a new board and they closed it for a while due to teething problems not down to anyone's post.
<t>Totally agree with you Cheril, well said.<br/> <br/> If they are supporting carers back to work who is going to support the caree - not Social Services that's for sure, and how would we be better off when we will have to pay for someone to look after caree while we are at work, because it would t...
Hi Sallyanne

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Yes (depending on whether I can get cover or not)
Bear in mind that if you do drive to go to the protest and are going to Cental London you will probably have to go through the congestion charge. So ring TFL first to see if you can apply for an exemption form if you are a blue badge holder.