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How do I get one? What is it for? Thank you.
DONT WORRY. I am a carer for my friend. I called ATOS before and asked for a Home assessment. A nurse came round for 40 mins, very pleasant person. Didn't look around the house, just asked my friend some questions, and I answered most of them of her behalf. No physical test, because my friend was no...
I am a carer for a friend. I live in their flat with them. We are not in a relationship. I have lived here for 5 years and my caring responsibilites have grown over that time. I would like to know where I stand regarding right to succession in the event of my friends death. The tenancy is in my frie...
Does anyone know how Universal Credit will affect Carers? I get CA with IS top up. No housing or council tax benefit. Just wondered what would change. Thank you.
Looks like PIP will be cut... http://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/mar/12/disability-benefit-cuts-could-see-500000-people-lose-150-a-week http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3488644/Now-disability-benefits-bill-slashed-1-2billion-Affected-people-include-640-000-need-help-getting-dressed.html
Just attended a job centre ESA Wrag interview with my friend who I care for. We were expecting the ESA renewal forn this week, but were told there is a 2 year delay. Has this happened to anyone else.
Hi. I had a home PIP assessment last year. A nurse, of sorts, came to my friend's house. She asked all the questions that were on the form and she wrote down everything that was said. I did most of the talking for my friend. She asked if my friend could do some physical movements. My friend said she...
Thank you for the your replies. I have just re-read the letter and it does seem friendly, just about any changes I have. I work hard as a carer and I dont want to be dragged in for tests and courses and work, I would collapse.
Hi. I have an interview at the Job Centre. I called the lady to ask why. She said because I get income support with carers allowance I need an interview in the first year of getting them. Do I need to take evidence and bank statements etc? What will they ask me? Thank you.
Hi. Just got a text from JobcentreP DWP, asking me if I need to declare any changes in my circumstances? I am claiming carers allowance and income support top up. Has anyone else had a text from them? Thanks.