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i cant get a loan cos Im a carer, if I was on unemployment i could. australia has barely started the economic downfall that others are in the grip of yet our politicians give emselves a minimum 250,000 a year pay rise. while carers have to do everything with nothing.
im 50 and have been as i said a carer 24/7 for over 20 years of often 3 people at once, and im burned out and isolated. suffering waht u defined as severe depression. cant afford to pay anyone anything. ya get tired of people looking down on u wen u say u cant afford.
im 51, been a carer for 20 years ho retirement fund, will never own a home ( carers cant get loans) though i wouldnt want a loan nowadays. my car is so old like yours. health things we are sposed to get free we dont get
what is a debt relief order??
<t>a lot dont do much , so much so theres a research thing being done into post school and autism etc . yes caring is very isolating, i go to a monthly carers meeting but most have lived here all thier lives have family etc. a lot at the carers meeting i go to really dont know what its like to strug...
no such thing here
we moved to where we are now 3 years ago , my autisitic daughter doesnt have any friends , i thought i did till i was the one that needed help. we are alone.
how does one employ a supporter??
exactly, everyone focuses on the chronological age but few think about emotional age. my daughter is 27 legally but barely a teen emotionally. soooooooooo what should i do ?? let her go cos she is legal but if i do im condemned cos she isnt emotionally up to speed
<t>is a carer in Australia and face the same problem, cant get a loan cos Im not a worker, caring is a hobby not a job it seems. u can always guarrantee that a person needs care but these days can a person always guarrantee they will have a job??<br/> as it is now we dont qualify for govt housing co...