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Ok. Thank you
What is this carers assessment. No one has mentioned it. Lots of people saying "here if you need anything" but what do I want. What do I need apart from a magic wand and a pain killer for this headache!
He is now i mental health unit. 10days minimum. Drugged up to the hill.
Will i stop crying today
I feel and live every word
Hello My OH has been sectioned this week due to attempts on his life. He (or should I say we) has suffered depression for as long as he can remember due to abandonment by his mother at the age off 5. He has never been this bad before and I am at the point of feeling as though I need to cut myself of...
Yes Bowlingbun I would. Im not aware that he has a social worker. He has visits from nurses at the crisis team but im aware of nothing else. Should he have a social worker? We have been up since early this morning. His anxiety around going out this morning to the local park with his son and the dogs...
Yes, I spoke to my GP who whilst saying he was very sorry and understands how difficult it must be was able to offer perhaps some anti depressants for me (Not sure if this is the kind of help I need?? or is it?) I am confused as to why there was no consultation with me about what he was like and how...
Hi. Im new to this. My partner of 9 years is having a crisis and has threatened to kill himself 3 times in last month. Im really struggling to cope with all of this and the emotions that it is making me have around this. He was sectioned for 24hrs earlier this week and then discharged home yesterday...
Hello Simon,

Welcom to the site. You will find lots of friends here I HAVE XXX