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Thanks again for replying. I'm my wife's carer. She is upset after being offered DLA for life that she now has to apply for PIP. Typical government making empty promises again!
I'll have to check out the scope one.


Dear CarersUk,
my wife has just received a letter to say her lifetime dla is now stopping and she has to apply for PIP. The letter says there are local support organisations you can turn to for help. Who are they?

kind regards
Thanks for replying. I like the last bit. If it's my job I'll do it my way. Dealing with people is so tricky.
My wife is disabled, I am not disabled. If I do the washing and don't hang the washing up correctly on the dryer then I get criticised by my wife. I do find this disheartening when you are trying your best. Does anyone know how to handle critism or whether it is appropriate to give it?
Hope you managed to get some meaningful sleep. It's all very well her saying she has a plan, but make sure she shares it with you, and involves you. My mum had grand plans for years, whatever I picked up to get rid of had a life history, and often mum would say "I was going to.....but never did, du...
If it's the "green" issue, then there's a simple solution, join Freecycle. Just Google Freecycle, plus the name of your town or area, and there's bound to be a group covering your area. You advertise things you don't need any more, on a computer "noticeboard". All the notices are sent to members, e...
You have my sympathy and empathy. I think it may be a woman-thing though. We seem to go from clean and tidy to pig sty in a flash, but when I enlist the help of the men in the household, I quite often end up losing my temper that they are not doing it properly! I perceive that they are just moving ...
Thank you so much for replying. To know someone has been through a similar experience means a lot. I think it's to do with my wife's green issues. Nothing must go to landfill unnecessarily, this doesn't really help.
We do have plenty of blazing rows also. They are always at full throttle.
We both agree the house is a mess. However when I tried to take initiative this morning and did some tidying up because it wasn't done right the wife went ballistic again. She has chronic arthritis. Anyone got any ideas or just some empathy? :(