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Dear Su,

If you would like to give me a ring on 01606 852250 I might be able to help.

Kind Regards,

Stephen (Johnson) www.continuingcarecampaign.info
They managed to put the wrong link to the petition in the article. It should be http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Continuing-Care/ We now have 2,523 signatures and rank 91st out of 8,716 petitions. Ends 20th August. It will be interesting to see the government response. Kind Regards, Stephen (Johnson). P.S...
Sign petition in fight over care funding

Northwich Chronicle

Aug 15 2007

By Dave Goodban

http://iccheshireonline.icnetwork.co.uk ... _page.html

Kind Regards,

Stephen (Johnson).
Dear Barbara, You will find that claimants are refused on a lot more than one occasion. Even if the Ombudsman upholds your case you are more than likely to be refused again. I know people who have been fighting for eight years. Tenacity is the key. Some interesting websites for you: http://www.conti...
T: 020 7096 2917 F: 020 7096 2946 E: www.westminster-briefing.com Westminster Briefing Modernising Adult Social Care: Ensuring A Better Service For The Elderly Westminster Briefing, in partnership with the House Magazine, presents a series of events aimed at providing a forum for practitioners, loca...
If anyone would like to leave a comment on the story, I would be more than grateful.

http://www.northwichguardian.co.uk/news ... 59.0.0.php

Kind Regards,

Stephen (Johnson).
<t>Dear Charles,<br/> <br/> It's called lies and deceit in the NHS. Even though I have proof in writing from consultants saying that Rod's health needs are unpredictable, complex and intense. The strategic health Authority say "The panel's opinion was that there was no evidence of Mr. Johnson presen...
Story number two today. Please feel free to leave a comment. Brother now demands Judicial Revue Continuing care refused By James Wilson Northwich Guardian. Monday August 1, 2007. http://www.northwichguardian.co.uk/news ... efused.php Kind Regards, Stephen (Johnson). www.continuingcarecampaign.info
Done. Good luck.

Kind Regards,

Stephen (Johnson).
Setback for tragic Rod, But the fight goes on. Northwich Chronicle. Monday August 1, 2007. By Dave Goodban. A devoted Campaigner has come out fighting after his latest bid for justice for his paralysed, brain damaged brother was rejected by health bosses. Stephen Johnson, of Strawberry Lane, Acton ...